Infinite Hero Microbag
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Infinite Hero Microbag
Infinite Hero Microbag
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Infinite Hero Microbag

Infinite Hero Microbag - Infinite Hero
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  • Kleur montuur: infinite hero
  • Pasvorm: standard
  • Productcode: 101-267-001
Infinite Hero Microbag
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Infinite Hero Microbag
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hey are optically pure and insanely durable, but the finest lenses on the planet still deserve respect. That's why this eyewear storage bag doubles as a premium lens cleaning cloth. We call the bag material "Microclear" because the threads are micro fine (which makes it ultra soft for optics), and because the whole idea is to keep your vision clear. This special cloth is the only thing you should use to clean the Plutonite® lenses of Oakley eyewear. Get some extras so you'll have one on hand whenever life on the go dares to defile your window to the world.