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Can I get polarized lenses in my non-polar glasses?

Oakley Polarized lenses are designed to be able to fit in frames that originally came with non-polarized lenses.

Can I purchase additional lenses for my eyewear?

Yes, sells a variety of Accessory Lens Kits and Replacement Lens Kits.

Can I purchase a single replacement lens?

Lens replacements are always sold in pairs, a left lens and a right lens, this is done to maintain the superior optics of Oakley lenses.

Can I purchase a frame separately from my lenses?

The frame only is not available for purchase. The lenses are made to be interchangeable with the original frame. If the frame has cracked or is broken due to what seems to be a defect, you can send it in, and once evaluated as a defect, we’ll replace the frame at no charge if covered under warranty, or for a nominal charge if outside the warranty coverage.

What are my options if my frame breaks?

If your frame is still within its Two-Year warranty period, you have a valid itemised receipt (or you have already registered your purchase directly with us) and the product is deemed defective by a Customer Care Agent, we can offer to replace your frame. Outside of warranty we reserve the right to charge a fee for this service. Please follow the guide shown here.

How should I clean my Oakley lenses?

It is only recommended to use an Oakley Micro Bag or Oakley Lens Cleaning Kit to clean Oakley lens, do not use any other solvents, chemicals or third party cleaning kits because they have not been tested on our lenses and can possibly damage them.

How can I tell if my Oakley's are real or not?

Determining if they are real or counterfeit can be difficult, so simply email Customer Care with a few decent images of your product along with the details of where it was purchased and they’ll tell you right away if your Oakley’s are the real thing, or visit one of our stores or your local Authorized Oakley Dealer for more information.

How can I place a prescription order with Oakley or file a warranty claim for my prescription Oakleys?

All prescription orders and prescription warranty claims need to be placed with an authorized Oakley Prescription Dealer. You can locate an Authorized Oakley prescription dealer in your area by using the store locater provided to you on

How does Oakley test for Optical and Impact performance?

Oakley is committed to delivering the highest level of performance in every model consistent with that model's intended use. Oakley adapted testing for optical and impact properties from standard methods found in industrial standards like ANSI Z87.1, EN 166, and AS/NZS 1337. For more information on Oakley impact performance and optical performance testing:

Are my Oakley glasses ANSI Z87.1 conforming and OSHA approved?

Eyewear that fully conforms to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z87.1 requirement where both the lens and frame are marked with “Z87” is approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for use in environments where eye protection is required. Only Oakley eyewear identified as an industrial model and marked with “Z87” is intended for use in industrial applications.

What Oakley models meet the entire ANSI Z87.1 standard and are approved for use in industrial applications?

Oakley offers a limited number of models that conform to the entire ANSI Z87.1 standard. These models display the “Z87” mark and are suitable for use in industrial applications where impact protection is required.

How can I receive a catalog?

Located at the bottom right corner of every page on the website there is a link for our mailing list that you can sign up to begin receiving our catalogues.



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How long will it take for my Oakley Custom product to arrive?

It varies depending on the product you’ve ordered, but these are the average timeframes: • Sunglasses and Cases: 5-10 business days + shipping time • Goggles: 5-10 business days + shipping time

Can I expedite the arrival of my custom product?

Yes. Although the time it takes Oakley to build your product is not subject to change, you can adjust the arrival date by choosing a faster shipping method at checkout.

If I order an Oakley Custom and non-custom product at the same time, will you wait to ship my non-custom item together with my custom item?

No, we will ship your non-custom item as soon as it is available.

Can I change or cancel my Oakley Custom order once it has been placed?

No. Our build process begins almost immediately after your order has been placed so it is not possible to change or cancel your order.

Can I return my Oakley Custom product if I do not like how it looks once it arrives?

No. Because all Oakley Custom products are assembled to your exact specifications, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges.

Will my Oakley Custom sunglasses look exactly as they did on my computer screen?

We attempt to represent colors as accurately as possible, but due to different lighting conditions and computer screen settings some variations may occur.

Why can’t I etch anything I want on my lenses?

There are two reasons why your desired etching can be rejected: • Violation of copyrights • Violations of standard decency boundaries If you feel that your etching selection is being filtered improperly or by mistake, please contact our Customer Care team on 0800 0231442 or via

Can I submit my own logo for lens etching?

We are able to etch team or business logos onto our lenses. There may be set-up fees associated as well as minimum order quantities. In the first instance please email your logo along with the Custom product you are interested in to and we’ll come back to you.

Will you be adding new styles to the Oakley Custom program in the future?

Yes. We always evaluate new releases to see if they will make good additions to the Oakley Custom lineup. Please check back regularly to view our latest additions.

Will you be adding new options to existing styles within the Oakley Custom program?

Yes. We are always looking to enhance our product offering with additional color options. Please check back regularly to view our latest offering.



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