Carbon Fiber Case
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Large Carbon Fiber Vault

Carbon Fiber Case

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Large Carbon Fiber Vault

Carbon Fiber Case - Carbon
€25,00 Inclusief btw
  • Kleur montuur: carbon
  • Pasvorm: standard
  • Productcode: 07-257
Carbon Fiber Case
Kenmerken en technologieën
Carbon Fiber Case
  • Productoverzicht
The skin of this lightweight steel case has the look of carbon fiber — a salute to speed machines and the Factory Pilots who race them. Crush resistance is a science by itself, and the case geometry takes full advantage of it. Signed with a logo plate, this is your mobile storage solution for Oakley sunglasses and prescription eyewear.
Case Fits:
  • Chainlink
  • Crankshaft
  • Enduro
  • Frogskins
  • Fuel Cell
  • Gascan
  • Holbrook
  • Jupiter Squared
  • Sliver
  • Square Wire
  • TwoFace
  • Valve
  • Carbon Shift
  • Mainlink
  • Thinlink
  • Stringer
  • Latch SQ
  • Sliver XL
  • Sliver R
  • Straightlink
  • TwoFace XL
  • Trillbe
  • Elmont
  • EVZero Pitch