Limit Switch

Limit Switch - Midnight Blue / Demo Lens
Limit Switch - Midnight Blue / Demo Lens
Limit Switch - Midnight Blue / Demo Lens
Limit Switch - Midnight Blue / Demo Lens

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Detalles del producto:
Detalles del producto
  • Curva de la base: 4-base
  • Color de la montura: midnight blue
  • Color de las lentes: demo lens
  • Ajuste: standard
  • Tamaño del ojo: 55
  • Puente: 16
  • Patillas: 139
  • Código del producto: OX5121-0455
Nota importante:
Los servicios de lentes no se ofrecen en el momento de la compra. Las lentes para esta montura se pueden solicitar a través de un Distribuidor Autorizado Oakley de gafas graduadas. Haz clic aquí para saber cuál es el distribuidor autorizado Oakley de lentes graduadas más cercano.
La compra incluye

La compra incluye

Black Case
Black Case
Microbag Black
Microbag Black

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Limit Switch
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Limit Switch
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The impossibly lightweight metal of jet fighters and satellites, titanium is what makes Limit Switch so comfortable, and a hint of inline rotation in the temples puts a fresh twist on style. The unique earstem detail adds originality while staying on-trend with a smooth look, and it's what made Oakley Wingfold™ eyewear so popular. To learn more about Oakley Prescription frames, click here.

• Constructed of lightweight, durable titanium
• Full-rim frame
• Integrated spring hinge
• Unique temple design
• Unobtainium® earsocks and new airfilled silicone nosepads ensure a snug, secure fit
• Comfort and performance of Three-Point Fit that holds lenses in precise optical alignment
• Two sizes 53-55
• Protective carrying case included
• Available with Oakley® Authentic prescription lenses