Racing Jacket® Replacement Lenses

Racing Jacket® Replacement Lenses - G30 Iridium Polarized
Racing Jacket® Replacement Lenses - G30 Iridium Polarized
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1 080,00 kr
Inkl. MVA
  • Brilleglassfarge: g30 iridium polarized
  • Passform: standard
  • Produktkode: 41-843
G30 Iridium Polarized G30 Iridium Polarized
  • Lysgjennomslipp: 30%
  • Lysforhold: Mellomsterkt lys
  • Kontrast: Økt
  • Standard brilleglassfarge: Pink
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Racing Jacket® Replacement Lenses
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Racing Jacket® Replacement Lenses
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We designed Racing Jacket to be a weapon against any light conditions that threaten your visual performance. Now it's time to arm it. Lock and load your choice of accessory lenses. You have a wide array to choose from, and each set is engineered with High Definition Optics® (HDO®) to maximize vision with razor sharpness. We make all our lenses with pure Plutonite® to filter out 100% of all UV.

Important Note: Use care when installing/removing accessory lenses. Scratched lenses can not be returned and are not covered under Oakley's warranty policy