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Live your obsession on the slopes. We sweat every last detail when creating Oakley’s first Snow Helmet, so you could command the course with all reward and no risk. There’s no better fit, comfort or more durable design.

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Modular Brim System

Finally, The Perfect Integration

Helmet and goggle integration redefined. The patented Modular Brim System (MBS) not only allows the perfect goggle and helmet fit, but also allows for future innovation should you choose to update your helmet over time.



The LG-Brim gives you a perfect fit for larger frames such as the Flight Deck goggle.



The SM-Brim provides a tighter integration with smaller framed goggles like A Frame 2.0.

helmet L brim S Brim
Air Brake XLl Air Brake XL
Flight Deck XMl Flight Deck XM
Flight Deckl Flight Deck
A Frame 2.0s A Frame 2.0
Canopyl Canopy
Line Minerl Line Miner
O2 XSs O2 XS
O2 XMs O2 XM
O2 XLl O2 XL
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Modular Brim System

Keep It Moving

The innovative MOD Goggle/Helmet integrated venting system allows air to flow unobstructed through the brim ventilation. Hot air from the goggle is channeled through the brim and helmet for better anti-fog performance. Additionally, adjustable venting allows heat management in all weather conditions.

Modular Brim System
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Helmet Construction

Like A Second Skull

Designed with a hybrid shell construction (ABS in front and In-Mold in rear), the MOD helmet gives you both increased durability and weight savings.

Helmet Construction

Lighten Up, Play Hard

The lightweight MOD Helmet lets you focus on performance and nothing else that might be weighing you down.

EPS Helmet EPS Helmet
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Helmet Construction

MIPS Integration

MIPS, an industry leading patented brain protection system, helps protect your head against impact that can come from any direction.


How It Works

A low-friction MIPS layer enables a relative motion between the head and the helmet, adding more protection against rotational motion to the brain caused by angled contact.

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Fit And Comfort

Never Leave The Mountain

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better fit for all-day comfort. No-pressure ear cups keep you at ease and on alert to hear the world around you. Plus a magnetic buckle secures the MOD Helmet with no worries.

Fit And Comfort

The BOA Fit System

A fully adjustable design delivers an exact fit, perfect for you.

Head Size
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Fit And Comfort

The Fidlock Buckle

There’s no time to fuss on the slopes. Seamless magnetic functionality lets you fasten your helmet fast with gloves on.

The Fidlock Buckle
Fit And Comfort

Removable Ear Pads

Unlike traditional designs, our ear pads put zero pressure on your ears—allowing for more comfort and better hearing. Removable functionality lets you wear the strap over or under the helmet.

MOD Helmets

Pursue Your Obsession

Choose MOD 5 or MOD 3. Both Oakley helmets deliver performance, comfort and compatibility. MOD 5 is favored by extreme riders who want the most premium equipment available. While MOD 3 brings the action, while adding a lifestyle look.

  • yes Modular Brim System (MBS) yes
  • yes Light Weight In-Mold Shell yes
  • yes MIPS Integration yes
  • yes BOA Fit System yes
  • yes Fidlock Buckle yes
  • yes Helmet Ventilation yes
  • yes Removable Ear Pads yes
  • yes Factory Pilot Edition yes
  • yes ABS Thermoplastic Shell no
  • yes Adjustable Ventilation no