General Questions

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What we do is sacred to us. The passion we have for sports, technology, innovation, service and unconventional thinking unites us and enables us to do our best work. We surround ourselves with people who bring that same intensity and excitement to the work they do. In the Oakley family, we live and breathe our brand.

If you think you have what it takes, visit and search for the career that best fits you.


Oakley's interplanetary headquarters is located in Foothill Ranch, California. For a full list of our corporate offices, please visit


Sponsorship and Donations

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Thank you for your interest in the Oakley brand and our products as a potential sponsor. At this time we’re not accepting sponsorship applications for teams, individuals or events.

As a leader in the sport and optical industries, Oakley supports non-profits that align with our brand and business with in-kind donations to assist with charitable fundraising efforts. We look for 501(c)(3) non- profits that share our passion and innovative approach to solving critical social issues while empowering those who face the hardest challenges in life. For additional information or to submit a product donation request, visit


All Oakley eyewear is designed and engineered in California and it has been that way since 1975. In addition to manufacturing at Oakley's interplanetary headquarters in Foothill Ranch, California, some eyewear components and finished products are also manufactured in facilities owned and operated by our parent company, Luxottica Group, or by select 3 supply partners around the world.

Yes. In addition to manufacturing at Oakley's interplanetary headquarters in Foothill Ranch, Caifornia., some eyewear components and finished products are also manufactured in facilities owned and operated by our parent company, Luxottica Group, or by select supply partners around the world. Oakley eyewear purchased from Oakley authorized retailers is authentic Oakley product that meets our rigorous standards for quality and performance.

All manufacturing facilities utilized in producing Oakley eyewear are efficient and consistently demonstrate their ability to produce the high quality products that customers have come to expect from Oakley. The process for selecting a manufacturing source is based in part on the competencies of the facility for the specific Oakley eyewear product.

When selecting a manufacturing location, we ensure the facility meets all of Oakley's rigorous and uncompromising standards that allow us to achieve the highest possible level of quality. We consistently monitor production and regularly test components to ensure products made in the facility continue to earn the right to bear the Oakley icon. If it's not good enough for the world's best, it's not good enough. That goes for each and every product we make, no matter where we make it.

Eyewear that fully conforms to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z87.1 requirement where both the lens and frame are marked with "Z87" is approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for use in environments where eye protection is required. Only Oakley eyewear identified as an industrial model and marked with "Z87" is intended for use in industrial applications.

Oakley offers a limited number of models that conform to the entire ANSI Z87.1 standard. These models display the "Z87" mark and are suitable for use in industrial applications where impact protection is required.


Counterfeit Product

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We do not take kindly to people attempting to rip-off our company or loyal customers. If you come across a website or individual that is selling counterfeits, please file a report at

The only way to guarantee that the product you are purchasing is authentic Oakley is to purchase from, an Oakley Store or an authorized Oakley dealer. If a site seems questionable, here are some things to look out for:

* The "Contact Us" page is either blank or provides seemingly false information
* There are a large number of typographical errors
* The website states that the order will be shipping from overseas
* Customer reviews on the website do not seem legitimate
* Pictures may seem unprofessional or low quality

* If you have purchased products that are not authentic Oakley products, please let us know by filing a report at

* Make a claim directly through your financial institution by calling the number on the back of your credit or debit card and notify them about being sold fraudulent product.


Shipping Questions

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If you have questions regarding your shipping timeframe, please call Oakley Customer Care at 800-403-7449.

Oakley USA only offers shipping within the United States and its territories. If you are located outside of the United States, please click here to find your local Oakley office.

Oakley does not offer shipping to PO Boxes.


Product Orders and Status

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If you are experiencing an error when trying to place your order online, please contact Oakley Customer Care at 800-403-7449.

If you have questions about your order status, please call Oakley Customer Care at 800-403-7449.

Custom Eyewear Orders: Each Custom eyewear order is hand-assembled and takes between 2-7 business days to complete. Once assembled, your eyewear will ship via standard mail (5-14 business days) unless you've chosen an expedited method.
Custom Oakley Bag and Backpack Orders: Each Custom bag and backpack order will ship via FedEx and takes between 4 -5 weeks to arrive.

Yes. Oakley does currently accept PayPal as a payment option; we also accept all major credit cards including: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Oakley accepts International Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards. Please use your international billing address when checking out.

To check the status of your order, please log on to your account or call Oakley Customer Care at 800-403-7449.

Prescription frames are available to purchase directly on, or through an authorized Oakley prescription dealer.

To check the status of your frame order when purchasing direct, please click here to sign into your account, or call Oakley Customer Care at 800-403-7449.

To order Oakley prescription lenses, please visit one of our authorized Oakley prescription dealers near you. To locate your closest dealer click here and input your location, or call Customer Care at 800-403-7449.

To check the status of a prescription lens order we recommend you contact the Oakley prescription dealer that you placed your order with.


First, never lay your lenses down on any surface, as this will cause scratches. Second, sweat, sunscreen (especially sprayed), makeup and hairspray can ruin lens coatings and cause them to spot and peel if left on the lens for a period of time. Gently rinse your lens off with water to remove the residue.

Your lenses are bound to get dirty. Only use the Micro Bag received with your eyewear for lens cleaning and storage purposes. Avoid wiping your lenses with your shirt, as this will gradually scratch the topcoat of the lens. Wiping off a completely dry lens will eventually cause scratches, so make sure to rinse them under water first to remove surface dust and dry with your Micro Bag. Never use solvents, chemicals or third party cleaning kits as they can damage your lens. In order to get the best worry-free cleaning results, we recommend using our Oakley Lens Cleaning Kit. ).

Goggle Cleaning: To clean your goggles, grab your Micro Bag and Oakley lens cleaning kit. Spray the Oakley cleaning solution onto the front of your lens only. Use your Micro Bag to gently blot and gently wipe away any remaining moisture from the front of the lens. Never wipe the inside of your goggle lens. If moisture gets on the inside of the lens, gently dab the spot with your Micro Bag until clear. Wiping the inside of a goggle lens may damage the anti-fog coating on the inside. The Oakley Lens Cleaning Kit is the only product tested and guaranteed not to damage your goggle lens. Oakley Lens Cleaning Kit.

After Use Care: After using your Oakley goggles, it is recommended that you shake excess snow from the goggle interior, including ventilation ports and lens vents. Clean your lenses after each use, making sure to follow the instructions listed under Goggle Cleaning. Once the goggles are clean, allow them to completely dry out in the open air prior to storing them. Do not place your goggles on the dashboard in your car or directly under concentrated heat sources.

Maximize performance and longevity: Avoid resting the goggle on your forehead or hat. This reduces the efficiency of ventilation ports and exposes the interior to moisture vapor from melting snow and perspiration. To minimize fogging, keep the goggle on your face.

Never use any paper products, ski gloves or other abrasive materials to clean your goggle. Fully air-dry your goggles prior to any prolonged storage. Protect the lens and face foam by storing the goggle in its protective bag or carrying case.

Most Oakley goggles feature interchangeable lens technology to allow for any lighting condition.

Taking out a goggle lens instructions:

1. Start by gripping the top and bottom portion of the frame and pull the top of the frame away from the top of the lens. You will see the notches on the lens start to release from the holding tabs on the frame. The top of the frame and lens should not be separated when in use.
2. Continue separating the frame and lens from the left or right side until both sides are released.
3. Grip the nosepiece and pull the bottom of the lens away from the bottom of the frame. The lens should be fully released now.

Installing a goggle lens instructions:

1. Starting with the bottom, insert your new lens into the nosepiece area making sure to line up the entire lens holding notches with the frame tabs.
2. Insert the right and left sides of the lens into the frame grooves at the sides.
3. Pull the top of the frame over the top of the lens. You should have all notches and tabs lined up. Work your way around the frame being sure that each lens notch and frame tab are securely locked in place.

Changing out your lenses is an option provided by Oakley so that goggle users can utilize their products in varied light conditions. Lens color and light transmission rate options are based on the filter of the lens. The choice of filter depends on the anticipated light level and the user's sensitivity to glare. To read more about Oakley lens tints, please visit:


Product Returns & Warranty

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Oakley Custom Products: Since Oakley Custom products are made to your exact specifications, no return or exchanges can be made.
Oakley Eyewear, Apparel, Footwear, Accessories: Oakley eyewear, apparel, footwear, and accessories may be returned within 30 days of the purchase date, provided you retain all packing materials, the product is in 100% resalable condition, and you have your original proof of purchase.

If you believe you have a warranty claim or need to find out your repair options, please click here to view our warranty policy .

Please visit the Oakley warranty page for the most up-to-date warranty policies. Warranty

The insertion and/or replacement of non-Oakley lenses into any Oakley eyewear will void the warranty.

Oakley does not warrant against any lens scratches. Alteration, misuse, or abuse of Oakley lenses will void your warranty.


If you cannot find a product on or have questions about a product you have seen, please contact Oakley Customer Care at 800-403-7449.

Oakley has a company policy not to flood people with e-mail communications, but to give you periodic information so you can stay up to date about Oakley. We also use your e-mail address to confirm status, shipment of your order, and to respond to any on-line inquiries. If you want to unsubscribe or modify your subscription settings from Oakley email communications, click the unsubscribe button located at the bottom of each email. Your email will be unsubscribed within 10 days.


Product Registration

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Valid to Register:
    * Sunglasses
    * Goggles
    * Custom Eyewear and Goggles
    * Prescription Eyewear

Invalid to Register:
    * Apparel
    * Footwear
    * Accessories
    * Watches
    * Final Sale Eyewear
    * Parts and Lenses

Please ensure your receipt is a PDF, PNG, or JPEG format under 2MB in size. If your image size is over 2MB, your registration will not process.

Only countries listed in the form's pop-up menu are able to register products at this time.

Make sure you are running the most up-to-date version of your web browser. If your browser version is out of date, this may result in technical problems and your registration may not process. Internet Explorer does not fully support product registration and we recommend using another browser.

    * If your SKU starts with "OO" (e.g. OOxxxx-xx), confirm that "OO" are letters, not zeros.
    * If the problem continues, please call Oakley Customer Care (800-403-7449) to validate the SKU number you are trying to register.

A SKU is a unique identification number used to differentiate the products we make.

To find your SKU number, please reference the following:

* Standard eyewear SKU's can be found on the inside of the ear-stem or your eyewear box's sticker label.
* Custom eyewear SKU's are not printed on the inside of the ear-stem. Custom SKU's can be found on your receipt or packing slip, please see the "overall style number" listed above the parts used to create your custom product.
* Goggle SKU's are not printed on the goggle. Please reference the SKU number printed on your goggle box's sticker label.
* If you cannot locate your product SKU in any of these places, try using the search tool by looking up the product name, or calling Oakley Customer Care at (800) 403-7449.

Make sure you've entered the correct city for your dealer, as only dealers within the stated city will be available to choose from.

If you cannot find your dealer, you may have purchased from an unauthorized location. This may result in the selling of fraudulent or counterfeit product. If this is the case, immediately contact Oakley Customer Care (800-403-7449) to confirm whether or not your dealer is valid. If they cannot validate the dealer, Oakley Global Brand Protection will be notified to investigate further.

All Oakley products require a valid proof of purchase in order to make a valid warranty claim or complete the product registration process.

A confirmation email will be sent shortly to confirm the receipt of your product registration.

Please call Oakley Customer Care and provide the representative with the email used in your registration. From there, the Oakley Customer Care representative will be able to look up your proof of purchase and process your warranty claim.


Many Oakley eyewear models have accessory nose pad and ear sock kits available online for purchase. If you are unable to locate an accessory kit online or at an Oakley Store, please refer to our replacement parts website to see if the desired part is available:

Please refer to our replacement parts website to see what options are available for purchase:

Yes, Oakley polarized lenses fit the same as the non-polarized version. If you do not see the desired polarized lens options, please visit our replacement parts website:

Lens replacements are only sold in pairs, a left lens and a right lens. We offer replacement lenses as a pair to ensure and maintain the superior optics of Oakley lens technology.

Oakley frames are not sold separately.