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Proven® MX Tear-Offs (14 Pack)

Proven® MX Tear-Offs Pack

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Proven® MX Tear-Offs (14 Pack)

Proven® MX Tear-Offs Pack - Laminated
€15.00 VAT Included
Product details:
Product details
  • Frame color: laminated
  • Fit: standard
  • Product Code: 01-272
Proven® MX Tear-Offs Pack
Proven® MX Tear-Offs Pack
  • Product overview
When you're in the crosshairs of tire roost, our O Frame Roll-Off Accessory Kit you clear your vision with a fast-and-easy pull of the cord. Reloading the canister is a quick no-brainer, and it holds dozens of fresh sweeps so you'll be ready for multiple mud baths. Unlike ordinary systems, ours is armed with a special film coating, so all that wet muddy crap won't make the film stick to the lens. We're all about giving you the vision to bust the barricades of possibility, and this is how you keep that vision clean and clear.