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Oakley Authentic Prescription

Oakley Authentic Prescription is founded on quality, function and innovation, resulting in eyewear with lenses designed exactly to your needs, in the most authentic Oakley way.


Your Style,
Your Prescription

Merging optical innovation and leading lens technology, Oakley Authentic Prescription lenses are designed exactly to your vision needs. With a wide choice of frames available, create a frame made just for you.
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Prizm Gaming

Level up with Prizm™ Lens Technology and excellent blue light filtering. Next level gaming.

Prescription Youth

Little people with big visions deserve nothing less than blue light and anti-scratch protection.

Prizm™ Lens Technology

Enhanced colour and heightened contrast, offering you a more detailed vision experience.

100% Authenticity

All Oakley Authentic Prescription lenses are laser-etched with our signature 'O', our icon of innovation and your proof of quality.