Double Edge™ Replacement Lenses

Double Edge Replacement Lenses - Prizm Jade Polarized
Double Edge Replacement Lenses - Prizm Jade Polarized

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  • Gläserfarbe: prizm jade polarized
  • Passform: standard
  • Produktcode: 102-833-012
Prizm™ Jade Polarized Prizm™ Jade Polarized
  • Lichtübertragung: 13%
  • Lichtverhältnisse: Helles Licht
  • Kontrast: Erhöht
  • Basis Gläserfarbe: GRAY
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Double Edge Replacement Lenses
Double Edge Replacement Lenses
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Customize the look of your Double Edge™ sunglasses and get the best optical performance for where you use it most. All replacement lenses feature the unbeatable clarity, impact resistance and 100% UV filtering of Oakley's High Definition Optics® (HDO®).