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Oakley makes a statement of support for young women with breast cancer.

Young Survivors Coalition

Young athletes feel indestructible. It’s an attitude that lets them challenge all limits. Young women are the same when it comes to their health. Even the idea of breast cancer seems distant, an unlikely detour far down the road and decades from possibility. The reality is closer than many realize.

Raising awareness that women under the age of 40 can be diagnosed with breast cancer is vital. Oakley’s Breast Cancer Awareness collection helps spread the word, while providing financial support for the cause. 

Oakley has partnered with Young Survival Coalition (YSC), a non-profit dedicated to the critical issues unique to young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. By contributing a portion of the proceeds from each sale of Oakley’s Breast Cancer Awareness collection to the foundation, together we have contributed more than $4 million to:

  • Advocate for more studies about young women and breast cancer
  • Educate young women about the importance of breast self-awareness and knowledge
  • Serve as a community of support for young women with breast cancer

To learn more about our partner, Young Survival Coalition, visit www.youngsurvival.org.