Flak Jacket® Replacement Lenses

Flak Jacket® Replacement Lenses - Prizm Shallow Water Polarized
Flak Jacket® Replacement Lenses - Prizm Shallow Water Polarized
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1,110.00 kr
VAT Included
Product details:
Product details
  • Lens color: prizm shallow water polarized
  • Fit: standard
  • Product Code: 101-105-008
Prizm Shallow Water Polarized Prizm Shallow Water Polarized
  • Light Transmission: 15%
  • Light Conditions: Bright Light
  • Contrast: Increased
  • Base Lens Color: Green
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Flak Jacket® Replacement Lenses
Flak Jacket® Replacement Lenses
  • Product overview

From day one, our goal with Flak Jacket® was to create world-class sports equipment. Training and competition can take you from bright sun to overcast skies and everything in-between, so we engineered an interchangeable lens design that lets you adapt. With extra lens sets, you'll always have the best optics for current conditions, and you'll be ready for whatever the sun does ten minutes from now.