Latch™ Grid Collection
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Latch™ Grid Collection

Latch™ Grid Collection

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1 208,00 kr 1 510,00 kr 20% Inkl. MVA
  • Innfatningsfarge: matte black
  • Brilleglassfarge: prizm black
  • Passform: standard
  • Produktkode: OO9265-4053

Prizm™ Brilleglass

Oakleys eksklusive brilleglassteknologi for forbedret farge og kontrast for å se flere detaljer.
Prizm Black Prizm Black
  • Lysgjennomslipp: 11%
  • Lysforhold: Sterkt lys
  • Kontrast: Økt
  • Standard brilleglassfarge: GRAY
  • Nota Informativa: 3
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Kjøpet inkluderer

Kjøpet inkluderer

Microbag - Black
Microbag - Black

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Infinite Hero Microbag
100,00 kr 70,00 kr
100,00 kr 70,00 kr
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Frame accessory kits are available for some Oakley® eyewear styles. Do not attempt to remove or replace any other eyewear parts as this will void its warranty.
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To help maintain the High Definition Optics® (HDO®) of Oakley lenses, your new eyewear comes with a specially-woven electrostatic Microclear™ bag for cleaning and storage. Using it will preserve the superior optical quality of Oakley's pure Plutonite® lenses. Hand wash and air-dry the Microclear™ bag regularly.