Crowbar® MX Accessories
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Crowbar® MX Accessories

Crowbar® MX Accessories

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Crowbar® MX Accessories

Crowbar® MX  Accessories - Clear

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160,00 kr Inkl. MVA
  • Innfatningsfarge: clear
  • Passform: standard
  • Produktkode: 01-188
Crowbar® MX Accessories
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Crowbar® MX Accessories
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When lapped riders kick up roost at Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart, these MX pros rely on Oakley's laminated tearoff system. The most advanced tearoff system on the planet, it offers the highest possible level of visual clarity. Our lamination process keeps dirt and mud from invading the lens layers. It also minimizes the performance-killing problem of refraction. That means you get the clearest, cleanest view of the course without optical distortion that makes your eyes lie to your brain. Each stack has seven tearoffs, and multiple stacks can be mounted simultaneously.