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Oakley Rx Helps Atlanta Braves’ Freddie Freeman Return To Line Up

Freddie Freeman

Atlanta Braves fans haven’t seen Freddie Freeman in the line up for quite some time now. That all changed this week, when Freeman returned with a vengeance, hitting a home run in the first at bat of his return.

The Atlanta Braves first baseman showed up to Turner Field in Atlanta on Wednesday filled with anticipation. It wasn’t because the Braves were beginning a playoff series or celebrating a historic occasion. Wednesday’s game was your average, run-of-the-mill regular season game. For Freeman however this game represented something more. The young slugger was expecting a package before the game; a package that could turn his season around after weeks of frustration. It’s contents? A fresh pair of custom Oakley Rx Fast Jacket™ XL glasses with Oakley True Digital™ corrective lenses and Oakley Dual-Peripheral Technology™. Freeman was the first person to the clubhouse on Wednesday. He ripped open the package, threw on his new sport performance glasses and rushed to the batting cages to test them out.

“You should have seen him,” Braves Manager, Fredi Gonzalez said. “I heard this commotion coming down the hallway. I said ‘What’s going on?’ It was him in his street clothes with his [Oakley sport performance glasses] on and he just came out of the batting cage. He swung the bat great. Felt great. Comfortable.”

And that was it. Freddie was back in the line up.

Freeman had been the talk of baseball as of late, going from one of the hottest hitters in the game and winning two National League Player of the Week awards in a three-week span, to hitting .247 and enduring a 1-17 skid. The young Braves hitter began having vision problems during a series with the Colorado Rockies in early May, leaving him frustrated and feeling hopeless. He gave up on regular prescription glasses, contacts and medicated eye-drops, all of which left him more irritated than before. It wasn’t until he used his Rx Fast Jacket™ XL glasses that he felt comfortable again, comfortable enough to hit a solo homerun in his first at bat since returning to the Braves lineup. Freeman concluded the night with a 3-5 performance, with three RBI and two runs scored in a 10-7 Braves victory over the St. Louis Cardinals in Atlanta.

“I wasn’t worried about the glasses. I knew they were good,” Freeman said. “I haven’t really had a smile on my face lately, but I’m pretty happy now. I’ve never been this happy before.”

Professional athletes are often revered for their physical prowess and resulting success. However, whether you’re talking about a baseball player fielding a ball, a tennis player returning a 120 mph serve or a golfer analyzing the green before executing a putt, uncompromised vision is key and an often-overlooked element to their success. When an athlete’s vision is compromised, so is his or her ability to perform at their best. Oakley is committed to ensuring that this is a compromise no athlete should have to make.

After an urgent request from his agent, Freeman’s glasses were quickly crafted at Oakley Headquarters in Foothill Ranch, California and shipped overnight to Atlanta. The Fast Jacket™ XL is and Oakley sport performance glass. This model features Oakley’s innovative Switchlock™ interchangeable lens technology, which allows for fast, secure lens changes, enabling athletes to respond to ever changing environmental conditions.

Freeman’s prescription lenses feature Oakley True Digital™, which allows the company to digitally tailor lenses to meet the needs of individual athletes, offering the level of clarity that they need to perform at their best. Oakley True Digital™ corrective lenses utilize Oakley Dual-Peripheral Technology™ to optimize vision in the periphery. The wearer gains the benefits of crisp visual acuity, improved image recognition, and better fluidity of vision across the entire field of view. Athletes like Freeman rely on these benefits at the plate and in the field. Combine these features with High Definition Optics® (HDO®), including patented XYZ Optics® and the athlete will experience the ultimate in Rx performance sport technology.

Freeman’s story is a testament to the superiority of Oakley’s prescription lens technology. The brand prides itself on combining decades of optical know-how with the audacity to reject conventional limitations to meet and exceed the most demanding performance requirements of the world’s leading athletic talents.

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