Seth Morrison

Pro Since 1989
44 Age USA


At this point in his career, Seth Morrison is all about simplicity. He’s already racked up the accolades, busted through performance boundaries, re-invented himself (park to backcountry to ski mountaineering), starred in a feature-length documentary (“The Ordinary Skier”) and progressed his skiing to a level that few others will ever achieve. These days, the legend that is Seth Morrison is just about riding and enjoying the life he’s built for himself over the past couple of decades. The more he can avoid the cameras and judges and critics and limelight, the better. He’s in search of new lines, new frontiers, new opportunities to scare himself.

While his competitive days are behind him, Seth remains the quintessential pro skier. Skiing is his life: seven days a week, 12 months a year. If he’s not on snow, he’s planning his next trip, fulfilling sponsor obligations, developing better equipment or mountain biking to stay fit.


  • Countless Video Parts and Magazine Covers
  • 2011 – Released Signature Film, “The Ordinary Skier”
  • 2011 – 2nd, Powder Magazine Reader's Poll
  • 2010 – "Line of the Year" Nominee, Powder Video Awards
  • 2010 – Reader's Poll Winner, Powder Video Awards
  • 2009 – "Best Natural Air," Powder Video Awards
  • 2009 – "Full Throttle," Powder Video Awards
  • 2009 – 1st, Powder Magazine Reader's Poll




Mountain biking, snowmobile, hunting