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The Basics icon The Basics

How does Radar Pace work?

With smart technology and an app, Radar Pace collects and analyzes personal performance data and delivers real-time feedback, instruction and motivation based on performance. Radar Pace responds to user questions, allowing athletes to communicate with the system in a live, natural way during workouts

How does Radar Pace track performance?

Internal sensors, including an integrated gyroscope, accelerometer, and barometer/pressure sensor monitor what you’re doing and how you move.

Although Radar Pace does not require external sensors to coach, ANT+™ or Bluetooth® Low Energy enabled sensors can enhance the coaching experience by providing heart rate, cycling power, cycling cadence and other metrics

How does Radar Pace coach me?

Helping you improve your technique and build endurance, strength and speed, Radar Pace tracks your compliance to the workout plan and adapts to your performance in real time. It tells you what to do next and holds you accountable by automatically adjusting to make up for missed workouts.

  • Dynamic training program: Tell Radar Pace about your training goals and it will assess and develop a custom running or cycling program for you no matter your level – beginner, intermediate or advanced.
  • Real-time coaching: Using internal and external sensors that gauge your environment, Radar Pace calibrates to you and gives personalized coaching feedback so you can adjust your effort as needed. By giving you reminders from time to time, it can also help you achieve the most efficient technique.
  • Personalized approach: Going beyond just age and weight, Radar Pace calibrates training based on your performance – it learns about you over time and uses that knowledge to provide dynamic, custom training that continually adapts to help you improve. The coach will monitor your running/riding for about 120 minutes before customizing the training zones of your effort level. This customization will guide you during subsequent sessions. 

Who's the coach?

Knowledge from decades of sports science is combined with the insights of world-class coaches and athletes to create dynamic training programs, customized for each user.

Interaction icon Interaction

How does Radar Pace respond?

Intel® Real Speech technology allows for natural voice interaction that lets you ask Radar Pace questions and receive instant feedback, as well as record data. It is intuitive, natural and hands-free.

What do I say to get the coach’s attention?

Simply say “Okay Radar...” to get the coach’s attention, and get real-time information. Radar Pace understands multiple variations of questions, and the context of your questions, so you can ask it follow-up questions too. (Some questions require Radar Pace to be paired with external sensors.

Where is the microphone?

There are three microphones located on the inside of the left-hand stem of the eyewear.

How do I increase or decrease the frequency of the coaching updates?

Go to the More screen in your app, select Additional Settings, then select Audio Settings.

How do I get the coach to stop listening to me?

To make Radar Pace stop responding to you, say “Stop listening”.

Training Programs icon Training Programs

How long does it take Radar Pace to calibrate my training zones?

It takes about 90-120 minutes to calibrate your training zones.

Can I create a single program that lets me train for both running and cycling?

Radar Pace offers a training program focused on just one sport at a time, but you can supplement your training program with freeform rides and runs. These “freeform” workouts can be performed whenever you choose, and are not part of a training program.

How can I use Radar Pace for both running and cycling?

Decide which sport you want to focus on the most for improvement, and create a training program for that sport. Then use Radar Pace’s customized features, such as the freeform runs/rides program, for an all-encompassing training regime. (At any time during a training run/ride, you can choose to do a freeform run/ride. Launch it through voice command or by clicking the app.)

Is there a way to use Radar Pace with the training regimen I already have?

You can use the freeform run/ride function to track your workouts, get in-the-moment metrics, and receive feedback on your technique. You can also use Radar Pace to listen to music from your phone, answer calls and interact with Siri or Google now.

Can I input a different training program into Radar Pace?

No, Radar Pace creates custom training workouts that dynamically adjust to your performance. It uses knowledge from decades of sports science, combined with the insights of world-class coaches and athletes.

Can I integrate with other apps like Strava?

Yes, you can upload and share Radar Pace data with other web interfaces such as Strava, Garmin Connect, etc. (File Formats: CSV, FIT, GPX, TCX)

Is it possible to get a custom workout on the app?

Not currently. However, you can use the freeform run/ride feature to track a workout of your choice, and get answers from the coach about your metrics.

How can I change the workout days in my training program schedule?

Once you create a training program, you will not be able to change your workout days. Doing so would require you to start over by creating a new training program. However, changing your workout days might not be necessary – if you miss particular workouts, Radar Pace will dynamically adjust your future workouts by prioritizing the most important ones needed to achieve your goals.

If I cancel my program, will I lose all my workout data?

No, Radar Pace will save all your previous workouts.

What happens if I miss a run or a ride?

Radar Pace will dynamically adjust your training program to make up for missed runs or rides, and keep you on track.

What happens if I miss too many workouts?

If you miss too many workouts, Radar Pace will notify you and ask you to create a new training program.

What if I need to move my race date?

Once a training program is created, you will not be able to change the race date. You will have to create a new program to train for the race, and that will be possible only if you are more than 6 weeks out from the new race date.

Environment icon Environment

Can I work out in the rain?

Yes, Radar Pace is water resistant.

Does Radar Pace sense altitude?

Yes, Radar Pace uses an internal pressure sensor to detect and track elevation changes.

Can Radar Pace pull up maps?

Yes, the Radar Pace app for your phone can map and show your route for each workout. 

Does Radar Pace work indoors?

Radar Pace works indoors only if you wear a footpod for running, or use a speed sensor for cycling. 

What if I don’t have access to any hills?

Try using a staircase, treadmill or garage ramp.

General Use icon General Use

What is the battery life?

Radar Pace uses a 150mAh that lasts 4-6 hours (depending on how many features you’re using) before needing to be charged.

Do I need to use both ear booms for Radar Pace to work?

No, you can use just one ear boom if you wish. When cycling, be sure to follow regional laws regarding the use of in-ear headphones.

Can more than one person use my Radar Pace?

Yes, just make sure to switch profiles when logging into the app or pairing Radar Pace to another phone.

Do I need to have a power meter on my bike?

No, you can use Radar Pace without a power meter. However, for an enhanced coaching experience and power-based coaching feedback, you need to pair an external power meter to Radar pace.

Can Radar Pace show laps?

Yes, Radar Pace automatically laps tasks like hills and speed intervals, and provides summary information on the time durations for the tasks.

Phone Use icon Phone Use

Do I need to have my phone with me during workouts?

Yes, to use Radar Pace during workouts, you need to bring your phone.

Where’s the best place to put my phone during a workout?

For efficiency and comfort, we recommend you use an armband to carry the phone on your left shoulder.

Can I make phone calls and emergency calls while I work out with Radar Pace?

Yes, the touch panel on Radar Pace allows you to access your phone. Once you activate Siri or Google Now, you can use voice commands to make and control calls.

Design icon Design

Is it available in Asia Fit?

No, but it comes with Asia Fit nose pads.

Can you interchange other Oakley Radar® eyewear lenses with Radar Pace?

No, the performance lens geometry of Radar Pace is specific to its frame.

Updates icon Updates

Will software updates be available?

Yes. Software updates, which may include improvements or new features, will be introduced regularly. Updates can be applied wirelessly.

How do I update the software?

Software updates are automatically pushed out to the app on your phone and transferred wirelessly to Radar Pace. There is no need to manually update the software.

Extra Info icon Extra Info

What is the product warranty?

The Oakley eyewear product accompanying this warranty (Product) is warranted for one year (two years in the European Union) from the date of purchase against manufacturer’s defects (Limited Warranty Period). This warranty is valid only to the end consumer with a proof of purchase from an Authorized Oakley Dealer that clearly shows the purchase date. Oakley does not warrant any lens scratches. Alteration, misuse, abuse or installation of non-Oakley lenses will void this warranty. The customer’s exclusive remedy under this warranty will be the repair or replacement of the item as determined by Oakley. This warranty does not affect the legal rights of customers under applicable state and national law governing the sale of consumer goods.

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