Crowbar® Sand MX Goggle - Jet Black / Grey
Crowbar® Sand MX Goggle - Jet Black / Grey
Crowbar® Sand MX Goggle - Jet Black / Grey
Crowbar® Sand MX Goggle - Jet Black / Grey
Crowbar® Sand MX Goggle
Product Code:  01-629
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Product features

Product overview
The culmination of 25 years of goggle technology, Oakley Crowbar® MX goggles offers the protection and performance demanded by the world’s top riders. The lightweight and flexible O Matter® frame is combined with optically pure Lexan® to maintain impact protection that meets ANSI Z87.1 and EN 1938 standards. Clear lenses are enhanced with F3 anti-fog treatment, the optics maximize your range of peripheral and downward view. You can't stay focused without comfort, so we engineered triple-layer face foam to wick away sweat, and strap outriggers for balanced pressure distribution. And to keep the strap from sliding, we treated it with silicone. This goggle also comes with a removable nose guard and the Oakley 7-pack laminated tearoff system, the most advanced tearoff system on the planet.
Key features
Triple-Layer Face Foam
Ultra-push faceplate foam utilizes triple-layer construction to wick sweat off your face. Fleece layer draws liquid away from the skin and into the dual-density foam where capillary action moves moisture to the perimeter for quick evaporation.
O Matter Frame
The goggle is composed of ultra-strong, yet lightweight O Matter™ combined with flexible urethane. The rigid outer frame holds the lens securely without the bending that can cause visual distortion, and a soft and pliable inner faceplate conforms to your face like it was made just for you.
Fit + Comfort
Oakley goggles offer the highest level of comfort and performance. Contoured frame architecture provides a continuous seal while eliminating pressure points.

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Helmet compatibility

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Lens care

Your new goggle comes with a specially-woven electrostatic Microclear™ bag for cleaning and storage. Using it will preserve the superior optical quality of Oakley's pure Plutonite® lenses.

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