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In Pursuit Of Progression

Precious Mettle

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This Is For
Our Committed

The ones defining the next normal. Of overcoming adversity. Of becoming part of something bigger. We reward you with a symbol of dedication.

It’s not about a medal that is given out every 4 years, It’s about the mettle to face what the world brings on everyday.

To believe that making the podium isn’t just the finish line. It’s about crossing the start.

Take The Podium

Get your eyes on three unique Limited Editions, each representing something far greater than first, second or third place.

Sutro Eyeshade
Matte Gold
with Prizm™ 24K

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EVZero™ Blades
Matte Silver
with Prizm™ Gray

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Frogskins™ Lite
Matte Bronze
with Prizm™ Bronze

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Precious Mettle Collection

Three Limited Editions, one love. Which will win your eyes?