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Nikki Van Dijk

Pro Since 2012
26 Alter AUS


Nikki Van Dijk was on the cusp of qualifying for the WSL Women’s World Tour for a couple of years – as a teenager. After winning the WSL World Junior Title with a solid performance in Bali in 2012, confidence seemed to kick in. She had her most consistent season on the Qualifying Series in 2013, punctuated with a win at the final women’s 6-Star event of the year, the Pantin Classic Galicia Pro in Spain.

She qualified. She's arrived. But Nikki was never a "newcomer" to the Tour, having received wildcards into the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach and the Beachley Classic in the past. Now a full-time WCTer, she's taking notes, the occasional heat win and progressing toward becoming a true event and title threat.

“The best part will be surfing against the best women surfers in the world and showing the world how I can surf," Nikki told Surfer Magazine. "And of course traveling the world, learning, and growing. I think I’ll be a fun a new face to the Tour.”


  • 2014: 1st, Swatch Girls Pro France (6*)
  • 2013: Qualified for the WSL Women's World Tour
  • 2013: 1st, Pantin Classic Galicia Pro (6*) - Spain
  • 2012: WSL World Junior Champion


Rip Curl, Channel Islands, Oakley, Komunity