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Scotty James

Pro Since 2008
26 Alter AUS


It's not often that you hear of Australians being into the winter sports, but Scotty James is one of the few. In fact, in 2010 he became the youngest Winter Olympian in over 50 years, and the youngest Australian to ever compete at the Winter Olympics.

So how did the rider from Melbourne pull it off? Snowboarding from the age of three definitely helped. They don't even make snowboards small enough for three-year-olds, but when his dad saw a mini toy snowboard in the window of a shop, he bought it. Little did the shop owner realise that the 80cm board would act as a stepping stone for Scotty to achieve so much in the sport. Scotty broke onto the international circuit in 2008 and has been tearing up the likes of the FIS World Cup, the Burton European Open and Winter X Games ever since. And the accolades have come. Scotty is a regular fixture on the halfpipe podium, regardless of the event, culminating with his X Games Gold Medal in SuperPipe in 2017. But it hasn't been easy. Scotty has a condition that causes his knee to randomly dislocate – not ideal for a professional snowboarder. But when you take into account that he competed in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games with a fractured wrist, it's clear nothing will stop him from reaching the top of his game.


  • 2017 – 2nd, US Open Halfpipe
  • 2017 – Gold Medal, X Games SuperPipe
  • 2016 – Bronze Medal, X Games SuperPipe
  • 2015 – FIS Halfpipe World Champion


 Volcom, Red Bull, Oakley


 Golf, Photography, Hiking