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Ryan Tiene

Pro Since 2008
33 Alter AUS


Known as one of the world’s best backcountry snowboarders, Ryan Tiene has made a name for himself by dropping some of the sexiest backcountry parts in the industry. Coming out of Sydney – which isn’t exactly a hotbed for snowboarding – Tiene has somewhat defied the odds, breaking beyond the beaches and establishing himself as one of the premier talents in the world. To date Tiene has worked with some top film crews with parts with Sandbox, Standard films, the DC team movie, Snowboarder Magazine’s Get Outta Town and he spent a good part of last winter filming for Wildcats. The guy has spent countless amounts of time chasing the best snow around the globe, and whether it be riding in parks or deep in the backcountry, Tiene has pushed the boundaries of high performance snowboarding and has no doubt cemented his name in the game for years to come. Ryan is currently traveling the world filming parts doing what he loves – snowboarding.



  • Filming with Wildcats Crew
  • Multiple Video Parts, including "Wildcats Never Die", DC's "This Is Snowboarding" and Snowboarder's "Get Outta Town: Part Two"


Oakley, Union, Thredbo Resort, Rhythm, Fireball Whisky


 Golfing, Surfing