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Dan Treadway

Pro Since 1999
44 Alter CAN


Dan Treadway grew up snowmobiling to school. His infamous leap off the permanently closed Don’t Miss area on Whistler left Dan banned from the resort for the 1999-2000 season. Treadway started sledding more than skiing, and now he racks up more than 120 days a year on his machine. The self-proclaimed redneck has appeared in five Slednecks snowmobile films.

Born in the chilly environment of Kenora, Ontario, Treadway strapped on his first pair of skis at the age of three. Mt. Evergreen and all of its 250 feet of vertical gave Dan his first memories of sliding. Growing up, Dan and his brothers were at the ski hill the minute the T bar started running until it shut down every weekend and Wednesday and Friday nights, the only times Mt. Evergreen was open.

Lured by the snow and the mountains, Dan moved west when he was 19 and settled in Whistler, BC.  After washing dishes and delivering pizzas for the requisite amount of time, he was able to pursue skiing full-time in 1996. And by 1999, he scored his first film segment with Poor Boyz Productions.

Dan Treadway took home “Photo of the Year” at the 2010 Powder Awards for an image that appeared on the January 2010 cover of Powder...his 42nd cover (and this is a rough estimate). Dan called it when he was only 10 years old, telling his mom he’d be on the cover of Powder someday.


  • Has Appeared on 54 Magazine Covers and Counting
  • "Traveling the world, meeting amazing people and skiing some of the coolest areas imagineable."


Oakley, Monster Energy, Rossignol, Toyota, Polaris, Leki, Contour, Level Gloves


Snowmobiling, Hunting, Fishing, Traveling, Surfing, Building Cottages