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Catharine Pendrel

Pro Since 2008
40 Alter CAN


Catharine Pendrel grew up on a horse farm in Harvey Station, New Brunswick. With an older brother to look up to, Catharine started trying to keep up with the boys at an early age. Now they try to keep up with her!

It wasn't until she was 16 that Catherine got her introduction to mountain bikes. Inspired by the women trying out for the Canada Summer Games that year (1997), Pendrel decided mountain bike racing was something she’d like to try and within 2 weeks competed in her first event. She's since added stacks of medals and shelves full of trophies to her collection, including a Bronze Medal at the Rio Olympics and World Cup Overall titles.

Off the bike Catharine is interested in pursuing Physical Therapy or Sports Psychology as a post-athletic career. She is conversant in French and Spanish and loves to travel (a good thing too!) trying new foods and recipes, volunteers with people with disabilities, and loves living in a winter climate where she can add Nordic skiing to her winter training routine.


  • 3x World Cup Overall Winner
  • 3x Summer Olympian
  • 2016 – Bronze Medal, Rio Olympics Cross-Country MTB
  • 2015 – Silver Medal, Pan American Games
  • 2014 – Gold Medal, Commonwealth Games
  • 2014 – 1st, UCI MTB Cross Country World Championships
  • 2011 – 1st, UCI MTB Cross Country World Championships
  • 2007 – Gold Medal, Pan American Games


Clif Pro Team, Oakley


Skiing, coffee, cooking, coaching, travel, reading and writing