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Brian Lopes

Pro Since 1989
49 Alter USA


From the first time his father took him to a BMX track in 1975, he was addicted to two wheels. Brian Lopes has had an unprecedented 20-year career as a professional cyclist, having been labeled “undisputedly the best all-around world-class cycling athlete” by USA Today. Having raced BMX for most of his childhood, Brian started his bike racing at the tender age of 4, turning Pro at the age of 17 and competing in the BMX circuit for seven years before channeling his efforts in 1993 to the mountain bike. Lopes' first MTB race earned him fifth place and a name in the sport. He then went straight on to win a Norba National, and never looked back.

His winning race resume made the Lopes name one of the most recognizable names in the sport of cycling; known for flawless style and winning results, he is an inspiration to bikers and action sport enthusiasts around the world. Nominated in 2001 for the “Action sport Athlete of the Year” ESPY, he won two NEA (World Extreme Sports Award) for “Mountain Biker of the Year” and was featured in SONY PlayStation “Downhill Domination” as himself. In 2008 was inducted into the Mountain Bike and BMX Hall of Fame. 


  • 4x MTB World Champion
  • 6x MTB World Cup Overall Champion
  • 9x MTB National Champion
  • MTB & BMX Hall of Fame Inductee


Oakley, X-Fusion, Pearl Izumi, Lazer, GoPro, G-Form, WTB, ODI, Shimano


 Riding Motocross and Trails