Jul. 29

Oakley Training Athlete Rich Froning Crowned CrossFit Games Fittest Man On Earth™ For Record Third Straight Year

Oakley Training Athlete Rich Froning Crowned CrossFit Games Fittest Man On Earth™ For Record Third Straight Year

Going into the 2013 CrossFit Games, Rich Froning was the undisputed champion of the sport; not once, but twice in a row. This was a feat no athlete in the history of the competition had ever accomplished and Froning set out to increase his record-breaking performances for yet another year. He did just that when he handily won the 2013 CrossFit Games in Carson, California.

In a unique twist when compared to other sports, the CrossFit Games competitors are unaware of what they will be physically doing during their competition until shortly before it begins. Going into Sunday’s final day action, Froning knew he needed to put up big numbers in the last set of challenges to secure his three-peat, but wasn’t quite sure what it all would entail.

On Sunday morning, event director Dave Castro invited all of the finalists into the tennis stadium at StubHub Center to announce what their final day of battle would consist of. In something new for 2013, "The Cinco” was revealed; a two part challenge, to be scored separately. The Cinco 1 would consist of three rounds of five 405lb deadlifts, mixed in with five 53lb weighted one-legged squats, on each leg, finishing with an 80-foot handstand walk. The cut-off time for this exercise was seven minutes. With a one minute break following that cap, The Cinco 2 was to begin, where the athletes would complete three rounds of five muscle-ups and five deficit headstand pushups, all capped off by a 90-foot set of walking lunges with a 165lb fat-bar over their heads.

Froning proved why he is the Fittest Man On Earth™ for two years running, winning both sections of The Cinco. He topped Ben Smith in The Cinco 1 by 11.6 seconds, virtually securing himself the overall CrossFit Games victory. In true Froning fashion however, he did not stop there. The two-time champion went on to pass Josh Bridges on the final portion of the walking over-head lunges to secure a win in every competition on Sunday, as well as his third-consecutive CrossFit Games title. Yes, you read that correctly, but we’ll say it again in case you didn’t recognize the magnitude of that accomplishment…THIRD-consecutive CrossFit Games title.

When asked back in May, about this very moment, Froning foreshadowed a bit perhaps, telling us about his hopes for a record third-consecutive victory.

“For me personally, of course I want the third CrossFit Games,” he said. “I’d be disappointed if I didn’t get it, but I’ve been lucky enough to get two already.”

Always humble, following Sunday’s win, Froning was at a loss for words when trying to grasp his newest magnificent achievement.

“It’s been a battle all weekend,” the three-time champion said. “It’s amazing.”

The Cinco 1 Results

  1. Rich Froning 4:05.7 OAKLEY
  2. Ben Smith 4:17.3
  3. Scott Panchik 4:25.5

The Cinco 2 Results 

  1. Rich Froning 4:41.0 OAKLEY
  2. Josh Bridges 5:40.8
  3. Jason Khalipa 5:52.6

2013 CrossFit Games Overall Results

  1. Rich Froning OAKLEY
  2. Jason Khalipa
  3. Ben Smith