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Øystein Bråten

Pro Since 2012
26 Alter NOR


Øystein Bråten got started on skis early and got creative when his passion for the sport began to grow.

"I started skiing because I looked up to the older guys at my local hill. I started to watch ski movies and went out in my backyard and built small rails and jumps," he explained. "I had so much fun and would stay outside for hours everyday."

Backyard shred sessions led to more time on the mountain, more time fine-tuning tricks alongside his equally talented brother, pro snowboarder Gjermund Bråten, and eventually stepping into competition. In the years since, he has mostly surpassed those skiers that were his original inspiration.


  • 2017 – Gold Medal, Winter X Games Slopestyle
  • 2016 – Bronze Medal, Winter X Games Slopestyle
  • 2014 – Represented Norway at Norway at Sochi Olympics, Competing in Slopestyle
  • 2012 – 3rd, Austrian Open Slopestyle
  • Appearance in Field Productions' "Supervention"


Red Bull, O'Neill, Oakley, Volkl


Skateboarding, Tennis, Trampoline