Young athletes feel indestructible. It’s an attitude that lets them challenge all limits. Young women are the same when it comes to health. Even the idea of breast cancer seems distant, an unlikely detour far down the road and decades from possibility. The reality is closer than most realize. In the United States alone, more than 250,000 women under age 40 are living with breast cancer, and it’s the leading cause of cancer deaths in women 15 to 54. Cancers in young women are generally more aggressive. The disease is usually diagnosed at later stages than with older women, and the survival rate is lower.

The YOUNG SURVIVAL COALITION® (YSC) is a non-profit network focused on the concerns and issues unique to young women affected by breast cancer. The YSC’s core purpose is to improve the quality and quantity of life for all young women facing the challenges of breast cancer. A proud partner of the YSC, Oakley is helping support its mission of Action, Advocacy and Awareness by providing $20 from each sale of this special edition sunglass and 10% from each sale of special edition apparel.

Online Memorial & Dedication Wall

The online Dedication Wall allows you to honor and celebrate your beloved family and friends affected by cancer.

Ramona Sue
March 07, 2013

You saved me.gave a family when mine left me.taught me what unconditional love is, i will miss you every day. You have the most beautiful soul I aspire to be just liKe u!

- Sarrina from Sierra Vista, az

Maria Del Pilar Soto
March 03, 2013

2: My Hero. My motivation. The strongest person I have ever met, batttles against Breast Cancer from 7’08-2’12. I love you & I miss you everyday. Tu y yo Somos 1a mamita

- Cindy J. Tapia from El Paso, Texas

My Sster Randi Rosenberg
February 15, 2013

May your 11 year battle and passing 3 years ago way too young lead to continued great things like this all due to your starting the YSC a short 15 years ago. We miss you

- Scott Rosenberg from Atlanta

Nora Bustamante
October 13, 2012

Te extrano mami. Para siempre en mi corazon.

- Karla Bustamante Medina from California

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