Rolling Into The Undies Race


The Oakley Rolling O Lab Regional truck made it to Kona just in time for the annual “Underwear Run” of Ironman. Racers started gathering around 7am for the annual run in their best or least amount of wear. Many were creative with the attire ranging from the very skimpy to the very weird (check out the photos).

Oakley’s Greg Welch was in attendance interviewing all the racers for NBC. Welchy, a well-known Ironman himself (1994 Kona Ironman Champion) brought his Aussie antics to the center stage calling out the “red undies” crew to present day Ironman athletes aside for some one-on-one nutty commentary.

For the first time ever the Oakley Rolling O Lab Crew has traveled off the mainland of North America. The truck was dropped off at the Matson Terminal in Long Beach September 24th. From their it was loaded on the 26th to the MAT 502 W Vessel, which then set sail on that same day. After 10 days at sea the truck arrived to Hilo on October 8th, where the O Lab Crew came by to pick the truck up and drive it over to Kona, a 3 hour drive.

As you can tell it was quite the trip for the Regional Rolling O Lab, and it does not stop their, next the truck heads to Oahu on the 13th for it’s next big event on the Hawaiian Islands.

Look for more Rolling O Lab and Ironman coverage over the next several days. Tops on the list are the Oakley Media Night, Polarized Fishing Trip, Ironman Race and Athlete Day. Last year’s champ, Chrissie Wellington will be wearing our Enduring Pace Breast Cancer Awareness Edition sunglass in honor of her grandmother who recently passed away from cancer.