“Get Over Here!” Oakley Takes Center Stage in Mortal Kombat: Legacy Digital TV Series, Season Two Launches


The Mortal Kombat franchise has been kicking butt and taking names for decades.

With famously gruesome action, unforgettable characters and legions of die-hard fans across the Globe, there’s simply nothing like it. Flash forward to the present and the video game series has finally come to life in a manner fitting of its legend. Enter Warner Bros.’s “Mortal Kombat: Legacy,” the online TV series.

With a widely-followed mythology as its backbone, MK finally got its chance to shine in ways that previous cinematic attempts at telling its stories, simply could not do.

In conjunction with the grand release of the latest MK Game for diehard fans, the first season of Legacy dropped in on fire, with massive YouTube hits and stellar game sales.

In the middle of it all was, you guessed it…Oakley.

Celebrating the mythology’s iconic characters – with deeper stories and blistering action, there’s but one personality that clearly stands out from the pack.

“For Johnny Cage, who’s such an iconic character, well, he’s always been known for his sunglasses,” says series Co-Producer Lance Sloane, a long-time member of the Oakley family. “He’s wearing Plaintiff.”

No surprise there.

As a “Hollywood” personality with trademark style, some killer (literally) moves and a pair of stylin’ eyewear on his face at all times – even in combat – there’s no doubt that there is no other choice than the O.

“For me, Oakleys are what the character should wear from now on: In the next game, in the movie, in the digital stuff that we’re doing,” Lance continued.

Having worked on past productions in close conjunction with Oakley, Lance, who also produced last year’s reality-based war film, Act of Valor (profiling real-life U.S. Navy SEALS in action), knew right away that O’s eyewear was the first and only choice.

“That was just a natural fit,” he says. “We needed cool eyewear for him, and you guys had exactly what he would wear at this moment in time in history. That was perfect. In our story, he’s an Oakley dude.”

It Has Begun! Season Two launches today. Watch the full series, in its entirety, below!

Widely used by members of the Armed Services and Law Enforcement due to unrivaled impact protection and optical superiority, Oakleys are consistently featured in Hollywood film projects in need of style and functionality.

Add in the brand’s deep, strong ties to the movie industry and major motion picture studios – and it was a given that Mortal Kombat would be included in the list of prominent productions.

“Oakley is a really credible brand, and if we were to pick three companies out of everyone to continue to work with on any project that makes sense, it’s definitely Oakley,” says Lance, who is a former Oakley team athlete himself. “There’s always an excitement to involving Oakley. For example, when we worked on Act of Valor, we went to the SEALS and said ‘hey, would you use Oakley gear if we were to integrate it into the film?’ In a second, it was a full go. They already use Oakley Military equipment in real life. We just can’t afford that stuff. So it’s just a natural fit.”

But he wasn’t the only core Oakley fan on set.

Casper Van Dien (famous for his roles in Starship Troopers, Sleepy Hollow, etc.), who plays Johnny Cage in the series, was taken instantly by his Oakley eyewear.

“Casper was fanatical,” Lance continues. “He came up to me and asked if he could keep his pair of Oakleys. It was actually really cool – he kept asking about it. And you guys had sent extras, so I gave him all the extras too and he was so thrilled that it was part of his job.”

Nothing sums up the importance of Oakley’s importance in the series and Van Dien’s character, than a telling fight scene involving Johnny Cage and two iconic female characters within the mythology.

“There’s a scene when Katana and Molina are going to kill him. He runs into them by accident and fights one of them. He almost wins and kind of gets his butt kicked. But while fighting, she ruins the glasses: She knocked the glasses of his face. They were about to kill him, but he somehow gets away.”

It gets better.

“Johnny Cage comes back after he realizes a couple of things, drives his foot in one of them – bloody and all – and says…”

“This is for my glasses, bi***!”


Andrew De Lara


September 26, 2013

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