The Oakley Factory Pilots Storm Flugtag


“…By far, this is the best looking Flugtag craft we have seen in Flugtag history! Cue the music, “Factory Pilots”, you’re live.”

Last Saturday, Oakley’s handcrafted aeronautical contraption took center stage on Red Bull’s 30-foot high launch ramp. Towering above a crowd of ten thousand plus, a group of Oakley Engineers shocked the crowd with the behemoth anglerfish, Der Fliegende Fish.

Flugtag, German for flight day, is an international event open to the public for a few brave souls willing to huck themselves off a pier in their home-built flight contraptions. Ranging from flying saucers, to small houses, to deep-water anglerfish, participants have the creative freedom to construct their ideal flying machines. For the first time, we enlisted five of our own brave souls to storm the Flugtag in true Oakley fashion.

After months of preparation and many absurd ideas, the group utilized their past aeronautical experience to birth this aircraft. Built for its first and only flight, Der Fliegende Fish was constructed of thick cardboard, shrink-wrap, carbon tubing, insulating foam and a variety of other materials.

Earning an overall 3rd Place at Flugtag, the Oakley team is far from content and eager to conquer the Flugtag next year. Stay tuned for Oakley’s next monsterpiece.

Check out their flight:


Jes Stockhausen


September 25, 2013

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