1st Annual Oakley Slip N' Slide

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 11.32.33 AM

This is what a casual Friday looks like at Oakley.

Oakley’s 1st Annual Slip N’ Slide course was laid out on the shrub, dirt and rock-filled hill next to the helipad on Oakley HQs property. This wasn’t the slip and slide you remember from the popsicle filled days of your youth.

The slip n’ slide ran 275-feet-long and 11-feet-wide with a little booter halfway down the course. Lube? Fifteen gallons of Dawn Dish Soap lubed sliders, aiding them in reaching max speed, and a foam-filled bounce house to bring the hurling bodies to a halt – Or, at least that was the plan.

Before the free sliding was a competition for Best Costume, Most Entertaining Run and Biggest Yard Sale. Nine teams signed up to gun for a trophy, and slide their rafts down the run in style.

The Winners:

Biggest Yard Sale – Montezuma’s Revenge, Human Resources
Always pulling together a raunchy theme for events, and consistently claiming some form of Biggest Yard Sale, HR didn’t disappoint.

Most Entertaining Run – Motor Boat, Accounting
This team from Accounting really stepped it up and surprised us all by looking really voluptuous.

Best Costume – Chicken of the Sea, Graphics
The incredible 18-person team each dressed up in their interpretation of “Chicken of the Sea” – ranging from sushi, Jessica Simpson, mermaids, jellyfish and more.