Sneak Peek: Bob Burnquist Style Switch


Bob Burnquist isn’t just a legendary innovator of mega ramp skateboarding. He takes the progressive approach to innovate his own life, continually busting the boundaries of possibility with everything from B.A.S.E. jumping to sky diving, and helicopter piloting to aerobatic flying. A proud member of the Oakley family, Bob is also a longtime champion of Green initiatives and co-founder of the Action Sports Environmental Coalition.

How do you honor a life of passion, progression and pulse-pounding exploits? Introducing the Bob Burnquist Signature Series Style Switch. It captures his style and originality in a design that takes advantage of Oakley Switchlock™ interchangeable lens technology, so it’s a sunglass that can keep up with a life well lived. It comes with two sets of lenses: Grey for maintaining color recognition in medium to bright light, and VR50™ for enhanced contrast and depth perception in flat to low light.

The frame color is a smooth earth tone of Dark Green, and we matched it with bamboo icons to salute Bob’s dedication to environmental protection and sustainability. That same color dresses a print with Bob’s logo on the interior facing of the earstem. And to crank things up a notch, this collectible comes with a custom Microclear™ bag that’s inspired by the skateboarding and adventure game, “Bob Burnquist’s Dreamland.”



July 03, 2013