Reality Drama: Michael Cudlitz Spotlights Oakley’s Police Tie in Popular SouthLAnd Series


Michael Cudlitz’s reputation as a prolific character actor is powerful.

The veteran actor has brought to life rivetingly sobering experiences of reality-based personalities – like Sgt. Denver ‘Bull’ Randleman in Steven Speilberg’s Emmy-winning Band of Brothers TV mini-series – amongst a plethora of other roles.

So it’s no wonder that his talents in exposing the experiences of real combatants in warfare, and more, eventually lead him to the lead spot in the popular SouthLAnd drama series.

Attempting to shed light on some of the reality faced on a daily basis by everyday Los Angeles Police Department officers, the TNT show highlights the real life, deep connection between Law Enforcement and Oakley.

“One thing that SouthLAnd tries to do is to capture some of the reality that’s out there,” Michael says of his close work with the brand’s entertainment program while portraying John Cooper, one of the show’s central characters. “And the reality is, Law Enforcement officers wear Oakleys – and they wear them for a reason. There’s that impact protection factor, but there’s also a styling that has become synonymous with the uniform.”

Regularly rocked by police, first responders and military personnel (in addition to the large roster of World-Class athletes across many sports) due to the immense style, patented technology and impact protection, the series speaks to those intangible factors in a most authentic fashion.

“We try and emulate that and capture that as much as possible.”

From regular patrols to full on shootouts in the most treacherous Southern California territories, the talented star’s character relies very much on the image his eyewear reflects.

“When the officers use Oakleys for command presence or advantage, it’s all about concealing the eyes, and concealing which ways the eyes are looking,” adds Michael. “It really is like putting on a mask. Everything plays into your character and how you want to be perceived.”

But despite his personally selected eyewear playing a crucial role on screen, Michael is an all out fan of Oakley and its immense variety of apparel, accessories and more.

With an Oakley travel bag at his side – and a variety of sunglasses, from wrap-arounds to more lifestyle pieces – the affection he has for the design is infectious.

“Everything has a purpose. It’s all things that are designed from a need. It’s like the designers say, ‘everything has a function, we’ve designed it, tested it to our specifications…and it looks badass, so it gets to be Oakley.’”

As a valuable member of Oakley’s entertainment family, with personally picked eyewear to complete his character at work – Michael, who already was a fan, is now just a little more than that.

“Now I go everywhere with my sunglasses – they’re an important part of everything. And I’m getting older, and I need to protect myself.”


Andrew De Lara


May 02, 2013