OneSight & Oakley Team Up in Santa Ana


Shedding his old frames, 6th grader Israel shows Oakley CEO, Colin Baden, his well-worn pair of Oakley Gaskets. Having seen their best days, Israel’s Rx glasses with scratched lenses, bent frames, and an outdated prescription, were ready to be put away. Baden, having just manufactured a brand new pair of Oakley’s with Israel’s prescription, presented him with his brand new glasses as part of the OneSight Santa Ana Clinic.

For the fifth year, Oakley has teamed up with OneSight to give the gift of sight to thousands of people around the world. Last month, OneSight brought its vision care services to Carr Intermediate School in Santa Ana, Calif. During the five-day vision clinic, more than 70 Oakley volunteers joined OneSight opticians, licensed doctors and eyewear industry professionals to conduct vision screenings and hand-deliver prescription frames to 605 students from the Santa Ana Unified School District.

“To be able to help our own families and in communities where many Oakley employees grew up is special,” said Heather Bissell, Oakley Customer Care Manager and OneSight Clinic Coordinator.

“OneSight affords the opportunity for our employees to see a different side of our company,” explained Bissell. “It encourages teamwork and volunteerism as we give back, and most importantly, it allows us to see that we all have the ability to make a difference in the lives of others.”

While the kids were waiting for their new pair of glasses, Oakley treated them to a BMX stunt demonstration on the basketball courts where three professional BMX riders performed on the quarterpipe ramp.

This is just the beginning of OneSight and Oakley’s relationship with the Santa Ana Unified School District; with over 55,000 students, there is a lot more work to be done.

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