OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN: Hollywood Actor Gerard Butler Rocks the ‘O’ in Upcoming Action Thriller

Gerard Butler approved

If Gerard Butler wasn’t a certified badass before, he definitely is now.

Like other prominent O Entertainment family members proudly rocking the brand on the big screen, the Scottish actor is bringing his own interpretation of O style and functionality to yet another big-time feature film.

Enter Olympus has Fallen.

Hitting theatres on March 22, the action thriller is set to rivet audiences with the premise of terrorists taking over the White House. And Gerard, rocking his Oakley C-Wire eyewear, is in the spotlight as he embarks on a mission to retake the Nation.

Starring as a disgraced Secret Service agent, he’s called back into action when the situation in the country’s capitol becomes dire. And sufficed to say, he makes his eyewear look cool in the line of fire.

Reflecting Oakley’s long-standing relationship with Law Enforcement, Gerard’s character takes full advantage of the stylish and technologically superior eyewear…revered by professionals in the field and chosen every day for superior impact protection, optical superiority and advanced features. But his preference for the O isn’t limited to on set duties.

A fan of the brand off the screen, he’s enjoyed a close relationship with Oakley – from O’s bleeding-edge, Swiss Made (Oakley precision designed) watches to lifestyle and sports eyewear. With that, Oakley was simply a natural fit for his most recent role.

With more star power in the film – directed by Antoine Fucqua (Training Day) and featuring the likes of Morgan Freeman and Aaron Echhart – moviegoers all across the Planet have a heck of a blockbuster dropping in for their viewing pleasure.

Until the premiere hits, check out the below trailer!


Andrew De Lara


March 21, 2013