“Snitch”: Benjamin Bratt Plays Stylin' Villain in New Blockbuster Film, Oakley’s Strong Ties to Movie Industry Takes Center Stage


Oakleys on the Silver Screen are nothing new.

From superheroes, cops, commandos to villains, O’s can be found just about in every corner of movie land.

But unlike other brands out there, the Big O does not buy its way into productions. Quite the opposite, actually.

The reality is, the major studios, star actors, producers and prop masters have trusted Oakley for years to fulfill their projects’ needs to feature the most innovative, stylin’, most high tech and most customizable gear/eyewear. All for one reason…

They simply know it’s the best. Period.

Exhibit O: Star actor Benjamin Bratt.

Starring as the lead villain in the upcoming action thriller, Snitch – set to hit the United States this Friday, Feb. 22 – Ben clashes with the likes of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a drug lord. A drug lord with the serious need for style and prescription eyewear, that is.

“Director Ric Waugh and I had lengthy discussions about who Juan Carlos (El Topo) is, and what his influences are,” Ben says in anticipation of the film’s premiere. “In this case, we decided that he is ex-paramilitary, a highly trained, former special forces operative who has moved up from protecting a cartel to actually running his own.”

And being that the well-known performer has enjoyed a close personal relationship with the Oakley brand for decades as a member of the family (since about 1990), it was nearly instinct on who he’d turn to.

With knowledge of the company’s long relationship with the Armed Forces of the United States – as well as its world class roster of athletes spread out all across the sports board, it was a ‘no brainer.’

“Of course, Oakley has always been the go-to brand for eyewear for soldiers and athletes alike. The quality of the lenses are unbeatable, and the frame options, whether refined or aggressive, are always nothing short of cool.”

Voila. Perfect fit (as always).

But what exact design would the character, Juan Carlos, want to rock as a tech savvy, label conscious, sophisticated drug dealer? The production team looked to input from Ben (and his ties to Oakley) himself.

“It made sense to put some prescription lenses into a killer set of frames, a stylish choice which says volumes about who this guy might be,” Ben continues. “Oakley put together a package of options for me to try on. Many of them worked well, but the Crosshair 2.0 frames were an obvious slam-dunk. I emailed photos to Ric, and it was an easy decision from there.”

The rest is history. And with the film making its North American debut this week, audiences will be hit upside the head with yet another dose of Oakley movie magic.

But, as is the case with all of O’s entertainment family members worldwide, Ben won’t only be rocking his Oakley eyewear on the set.

“Oaks have always been my favorite choice for sunglasses, but these babies are so cool I kept a pair for myself as a set of reading glasses!"

Trailer: Snitch


Andrew De Lara


February 19, 2013

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