Fall 2013 Technical Outerwear Testing at Snowbird and Alta Utah


It’s that amazing time of year snow is falling and ski resorts are open across North America. Everyone is out on his or her rock skis/board and shredding whatever snow they can find. Fresh powder or groomers, Snow gun or real snow it doesn’t matter everyone who loves sliding on frozen water is out getting some!

This also means its time for the Oakley Field Testers to put on their technical outerwear and get out on the slopes. With the varying conditions at resorts the Field Testing Team decided Snowbird and Alta , Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah was the place to go. Snowbird and Alta had some great early season snowfalls opening enough terrain to get all the elements needed for the full outerwear testing experience.

Mother nature also decided to kick in and help the testing team out by throwing every possible weather condition at us in the span of a week. The first few days were warmer, with snow falling at the top of resorts peaks. As you made your way down the just shy of 3000 feet of vertical the snow changed to slush, almost rain. Then the cold came, freezing everything up for some high speed groomer GS course style shredding. Finishing up with end of the week getting dumped on!

All the weather changes made for perfect material and feature testing on the outerwear. From wearing your hood fully synched in the wind, doing up your powder skirt to stay dry in the slush, and breathing moisture out in the tram. Every feature had the proper conditions and weather to get its intended use.

With the strong influence from pro athletes in the Oakley line, we needed to make sure their level of product performance was met. Joining the testing crew from the Pro Rider series was Grete Eliassen. Yes Grete is back on snow! After knee surgery this summer she wanted to make sure her PRS Kit was up to her standards of style, fit, and function. So she took some time from her extensive re-hab and physio schedule to hit the slopes. On only her second day back on snow since her injury Grete’s commitment to Oakley outerwear was nothing short of amazing.

After all the Outerwear was field-tested the most important step went down. The information was downloaded and data compiled, this was then taken to the group of testers. Joining the party once again was Grete to help with the full line of outerwear as well as her PRS kit. Everyone then discussed new possibilities and ideas for the next phase of outerwear. The cycle always continues with each season already looking to the next and every possible way to better the products for the future.