The Hunt for Bin Laden: Oakley Takes Spotlight in “Zero Dark Thirty” Film, Real-Life Military Partnership Highlighted


It’s a known fact. The U.S. Navy Seals trust Oakley.

The World’s most elite military fighting force has been working hand in hand with the Big O’s military division for years now – developing the most bleeding-edge protective equipment for the Seals through field research & development. So it’s no surprise that the latest reality-based film in Hollywood to shed light on their super secretive, incredible work, would also place Oakley in the spotlight.

Zero Dark Thirty, which traces the footsteps of military and intelligence operates over the past decade in their quest to eliminate Osama Bin Laden, features O protective/performance eyewear (Oakley Fast Jacket) throughout the film.

Intense? You bet.

Dropping in on Dec. 19, don’t miss the trailers below before raiding your nearest theatre.


Andrew De Lara


December 05, 2012