Canopy Goggle Goes Through Final Round of Field Testing


In this upside-down winter of 2011/12, Oakley Field Testing Team’s latest mission was to find enough snow to put the new oversized framed/lens goggle, The Canopy, through its final round of Field Testing..

This December, Whistler/Blackcomb was the best place in North America to test the new Canopy. After countless design modifications, field testing and anticipation, Oakley has created the largest and clearest goggle lens thanks to a frame designed specifically to maximize your vertical and peripheral vision.

Whistler’s base was as ready as any in North America, but prior to our Field Testing trip, an unseasonably warm storm shed rain to the top…Although the skiing went from rock hard snow to just rocks, to blown-in drifts to frozen rime, this weather was perfect for goggle testing. Through thick clouds we hiked to find powder only to summit in the cold, December sun. We descended high alpine chutes into dark, misty timber. We navigated through the pre christmas crowds while negotiating hot corn snow covering the icy base. Finally we’d end up in the Village, sweating. Through it all Canopy remained unfogged and unscathed.

Back at the house test data download sessions began. The house went silent as we focused on goggle performance and entered critical measurements of fit, function, and performance into the Oakley Field Testing website. Tech talk often came up again at dinner and, inevitably, the conversations digressed to prayers for the snow gods. Morning’s come quickly when it’s hard and cold on the mountain, but we pressed on through the week of groundhog days until the team had the complete summary of data.

Our week’s work commenced with the final round table breakdown. The overwhelming outcome was extremely positive and with a few small tweaks, the outlook for Canopy is perfect vis in all conditions!