The December 2011 Issue of Oakley’s One Icon Magazine is on Newsstands Now!


Whether you’re interested to know what it feels like to race down a Down Hill course from the perspective of alpine ski star Lindsey Vonn or are looking to get a little perspective on the Tour de France straight from lips of some of cycling’s biggest names, the fourth issue of Oakley’s One Icon Magazine has something for you. Download a copy to your mobile device or your computer today!

This issue, on digital newsstands now, showcases the following athletes and their unique and inspiring stories:

INSPIRE: All Grown Up
Skateboarding’s boy wonder, Ryan Sheckler, is now a business-savvy entrepreneur.

INSPIRE: Real Big Fish
French surfer, Romain Cloitre, reeled in the big one while fishing off the Mentawaii Islands.

INSPIRE: Nac Nac Double Flip
Cam Sinclair celebrates after landing the first double back combo ever at X Games 17.

INSPIRE: Soaring into the Sunset
Sammy Carlson paves the way to freeskiing’s new frontier.

LEGEND: Punk Rock Evolution
Oakley Skier Seth Morrison evolves to remain at the top of his game.

INSIDER: Tour De FranceINSIDER: Tour De France
A new perspective on the tales of glory and heartache at the 2011 Tour de France.

To Rosy Hodge surfing is like a tube of toothpaste. You have to squeeze until everything is gone.

FOCUS: Lindsey Vonn
The best is yet to come…

YOUNG GUN: Oakley’s BMX Legacy Lives On
Racer at heart, current street park ripper Chase Hawk inspires core fans with trademark style.

REBEL: Through His Eyes
Speed demon, Mark Cavendish, at the 2011 Tour de France – revisited.

GAME CHANGER: Defying the Odds
Snowmobile star, Levi LaVallee’s second shot at New Year’s Glory.


Elishia Matta


December 20, 2011