Oakley Heads for the Hills! The Women's Progression Sessions

Some fresh campers. Winter Park,CO

For the month of March, Oakley and the Rolling O Lab have been traveling the country on a four stop tour of the Oakley Women’s Progression Sessions.

The Sessions were a very unique opportunity for all types and ages of female riders and skiers to have a chance to get one on one tips from some of their favorite Oakley Women snow athletes. The athletes and coaches were there to help the girls gain confidence and skill at rails, jumps, and free riding. They had two days with our athletes to really build a true friendship; from yoga in the morning, to riding all day, and then a little “optional” après to end the day. They were all together literally from start to finish. The Sessions were also a way for Oakley to give back to our woman’s side of the brand by creating awareness of the benefits of our High Definition Optics while introducing them to new styles and options for them to choose from.

The two day events started at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire, moved west to The Canyons in Park City, Utah, then back east to Winter Park, Colorado and finally wrapping it up at Northstar in Lake Tahoe, California. The Loon stop sold out in a day and maxed out at 50 girls, and at the other three stops there were almost 200 girls participating in these events! Some traveled to more than one stop, pretty impressive for the first time around.

Oakley was able to put together an amazing line up of coaches and athletes to come in to help the girls. There was Christine “THE” Savage, and Mary Walsh (both year round riders spending their summers at Mt. Hood) who attended all of the stops and Eva Bonner helping out at Loon. And as far as our athletes go, it was a pretty star studded line up featuring Gretchen Bleiler, Grete Eliassen, Kristi Leskinen, Mary-France Roy, Dominique Vallee and last BUT definitely not least, Chanelle Sladics.

When you combine all of those big names and talent with some fresh pow days and some crispy sunny days in the park, what else can you ask for?

This event allowed so many girls, at many different levels of skiing and snowboarding to come together and share one amazing experience. The girls not only received tons of free stuff like glasses, and custom goggles, but also had the opportunity to get on the hill with some of the best ladies on skis and snowboards. But it was more than just being on the hill, for most it was a once in a lifetime experience. The vibe that was created between Oakley and the mountains as well as between the athletes and the girls was unforgettable!

I think the OPS series has a lot of potential to become a permanent fixture in Oakley Women’s Snow.

We would like to thank everyone who helped make this event so unique. (This could be a long one…) First off, thank you to all of the mountains and their cooperation, A BIG THANKS to all of our athletes and coaches, as well as Bryan Shelton, Jenny Earnshaw, Trevor “T-Rex” Gamble, James Smat, and Breton Laubscher. We also would like to thank all of the staff support there: Kirsten B., Carissa C., Mark W., Kim G., Sommer C., Eric W., and Toby W. You know who you are!

I hope to see all of you on snow again next year!