LOVE + GUTS AUSTRALIA: Skateboarding Killed the Art Show

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Oakley’s LOVE + GUTS international art show showed its panache Friday night (Feb. 18) in Bondi Beach, Australia having one of the most memorable events to date. Skaters, artists and art lovers came out to the Beach Road Hotel in support of one of Oakley’s most anticipated events. Tied into the BOWL-A-RAMA skate contest, the Art Show has become a staple not only for Australia, but for all the skaters competing in the event.

The show ensures that everyone kicks-off the contest in high spirits, bringing the skate community together to celebrate the unique creativity of their friends and fellow skaters with good food, good drinks, great art and amazing company.

The art collective began in 2005 with Lance Mountain, Steve Olson and Pat Ngoho. Over the years, LOVE + GUTS has featured many artists in a wide array of mediums, but that all share the common denominator that is skateboarding. On exhibition last night was work by Lance Mountain, Pat Ngoho, Salba, Cameron Ward, Chad Ford, Wade Burkitt, Martin Baptist, Dean Tirkot, Otavio Neto, Ben Brown, Sasha Steinhorst, Steve Gourlay, Scott Spring, Steve Tierney and Steve Caballero.

The night was a big hit with all in attendance and wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Pat Ngoho, all of the artists and skaters, Gary Copeland, Phil Ward and the Australian Marketing Team.

Watch out for a LOVE + GUTS show in your neck of the woods as the tour heads to NYC, LA and DC in the coming months of 2011.


Elishia Matta


February 18, 2011

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