Golf Galaxy Managers Meeting


The Rolling O Lab is making its way around the Sunshine State these days, enjoying some of the first warm weather of the year and one of the states favorite pastimes. Oakley took part in this year’s annual Golf Galaxy Managers meeting at the PGA National Resort in West Palm Beach.

The Lab was up and running with the sun as attendees began lining up to for a tour before hitting the driving range and one of the four championship, 18-hole courses located inside PGA National. From optics to lens tints to impact protection, over 200 people, first-timers and Oakley enthusiasts alike, got the 411 on the many advantages of Oakley eyewear.

Attendees then got to a chose a pair of their own before making their way to the range. With the sun shining down on 200 protected sets of eyes, we are calling the 2011 Golf Galaxy Managers Meeting a great success!