Field Testing and R&D Lab go to Pheonix, AZ

In the Lab

Oakley Field testing takes part in the 2nd annual Scull Cup Tournament and Oakley Golf Ambassador Training Sessions. It was amazing for the Rolling O Lab to assemble so many incredible golfers for the 2nd annual Skull Cup tournament in Phoenix Arizona. It was also amazing to have the R&D lab and field testing assembled in one room to educate golf ambassadors.

The R&D lab’s key testing machines were brought directly from Oakley headquarters to reassemble in Phoenix for the Oakley golf ambassadors education sessions. Field testing and the R&D lab instructed participants on the stringent R&D process applied to every product Oakley makes. This insures quality products through testing in the lab and in the field.

Field testing is a key factor for R&D. Not only do our products have to pass lab testing, they have to perform in their intended use environments.