MO MOs, MO Money


Oakley’s first annual Movember is in the books, and it spawned a new breed of man at Oakley. These men had follicle aspirations that rivaled the likes of Tom Selleck, Rollie Fingers, Ned Flanders or perhaps Hulk Hogan. The pelts on their upper lips have become the epitome of masculinity, affirmation from the opposite sex and a safe haven for small woodland creatures. All in the name of men’s health
It is a simple equation with a powerful result: Moustaches + November = Movember. Starting in Melbourne, Australia in 2003, a small group of men met over a few beers looking for a way to do something fun that would also give back to society. One of them asked, “What about bringing back the moustache?” and with it being called a “Mo” in Aussie slang, Movember was soon born.

“It’s hard to believe what began as a bit of a joke has turned into a global movement for men’s health. It’s humbling to see so many men and women passionately support this cause,” said Adam Garone, CEO and co-founder of Movember. “These days you can’t grow a moustache without people asking what’s going on, and that leads to amazing conversations about cancers that affect men.”

This irreverent campaign dedicated to changing the face of men’s health now has a threefold purpose: education and awareness, cancer survivorship through LIVESTRONG and research through the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

We asked Oakley employees and athletes all over the world to join our team and help change the face of men’s health. Oakley pro skiers, JP Auclair and Seth Morrison, answered the call and sacrificed their faces for men’s health. Travis Miller, Oakley US Customer Care, got the MOst votes for his warrior skill in yielding his razor to meticulously manscape his facial hair, inspired by the
Civil War stache. With a little friendly competition and weekly updates, we spurred the team on and globally raised MO than U.S. $10,000 to change the face of men’s health. Nino Romero raised $1,550 of that by himself.

Now that is commitment!


Juliana Williams


December 16, 2010

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