One Life With Chanelle Sladics


Chanelle Sladics, a professional snowboarder, stays, as the media says, “smoking hot” from simply doing what she loves. Chanelle prefers anything outdoors and states that she cannot go a day without action. Easily recognized as a world class snowboarder, Chanelle also turns heads skating and surfing. A true testament to her natural born athleticism happened on only her third day of snowboarding, when she skipped a lesson and entered a pro/am slopestyle competition. She placed second and has never looked back. It’s no surprise we are looking to Chanelle for tips and inspiration. Plus, as she says, “I’m genuine and real and as goofy as they come.”

When you are not snowboarding, what is your favorite workout? Do you go to the gym?
I try to avoid the gym at all costs. I just really love being outdoors in nature and there are so many ways to get a workout, it usually involves more creativity too. I find balance the most important thing to prevent injuries. I have been working with Brad Jones, from the B Project, rehabbing injuries with him has given me a new perspective on preventive training and overall balance in the body. The circuit training I do with him has a simpler structure a lot like yoga. This is great because I am very passionate about stretching, elongating, strengthening, breathing and all that yoga represents. Whether its 10 minutes or 90 minutes, I take the time to do yoga everyday.

Is there a way for women to get toned without using weights? How do you stay toned?
I use my body weight through chin ups, squats, lungs, jump boxes, etc. My body has never felt so strong and connected.

What do you listen to when you workout?

I listen to mostly house music. I love to dance, and that is the place I want to be when I am pushing myself. There is something about those intense rhythms running through my body that inspires me to have fun pushing my limits.

Your favorite outdoor activity and why?

Wow, as I said before, outdoor activities are where my heart is. I obviously love to snowboard! But I also love to surf, skateboard, stand up paddle board, sky dive, free dive, rock climb, hike, ride my bike, play with my dog Gidget.

What activities do you do outside of snowboarding?

I am very passionate about the outdoors and giving myself the opportunity to try everything. It’s only a matter of time before my activities multiply and I feel like I have my hands in a bit of everything. I am really learning how to integrate my knowledge in one activity and apply it to another. This allows my to keep life fresh, inspired, and living full out! Energy is health, so my ultimate goal is to keep the energy flowing!

What is your favorite food and why?
Well I am mostly vegetarian. Everyone loves to make fun of me, because my nutrition doesn’t really fit into a category. I eat 95% vegetarian and I stay pretty far away from dairy, except for cheese and eggs. I try to grow as much food as I can. I currently have 10 fruit trees (tangerine, grapefruit, peaches, apricot, blood orange, orange, nectarine, avocado, banana, lemon) and I have 5 veggie gardens with an array of veggies and herbs. If you don’t grow anything, I highly recommend at least growing an herb garden. It will rock your cuisine world like never before and you will be so connected to the process of your meals! Food becomes magical and yummy!

We all indulge here and there…tell us your favorite dessert!

Hmmm I love bliss coconut ice cream, dark chocolate or eating the dough of trader joes yogurt brownie mix. I basically love dark chocolate and uncooked goodies. During the day, whenever I get a sweet tooth, I eat dried fruit, especially dried mangos.

Favorite healthy snack you can’t live without?
I really try to keep things versatile and new without too many comforts. Since I travel so much, I can only be so picky. I have really been digging dried mangos and chips with fresh salsa. I’m a sucker for fresh mexican. My parents owned a mexican food restaurant growing up, so I have always had a small addiction.

Any tips to our other Oakley women out there on staying in shape?

Balance. Mind, body, and soul. It’s all the same. Remember that this is the only body you get and your deserve the best! You deserve to wake up with a clear mind and an energized body, so nothing limits you from what you want to accomplish that day! That is what motivates me. Love your body, love your process, take baby steps if needed, as long as you’re constantly moving in a positive direction towards health. Get outside and grow something you can eat and do something with this awesome planet we live on! It’s our playground!


Erin Edwards


September 10, 2009