Kristi Leskinen on ABC's "The Superstars"


Freeskier and long-time Oakley athlete Kristi Leskinen will star on “THE SUPERSTARS”, a remake of an old favorite show pairing up 8 sports stars and celebrities as they take on various challenges for the ultimate win. The cast includes sports stars Jennifer Capriati, Brandi Chastain, Robert Horry, Jeff Kent, Kristi Leskinen, Lisa Leslie, Bode Miller and Terrell Owens. Celebrities include David Charvet, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Dan Cortese, Paige Hemmis, Julio Iglesias, Jr., Joanna Krupa, Ali Landry and Estella Warren.

The series is based on ABC’s classic “Wide World of Sports” series of the same name, which pitted athletes from all different sports against each other to determine the best athlete in the world. “The Superstars” pairs the celebrities with the athletes to compete in varying sporting events. Participants found out who their selected partners were only when they met for the first time at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. The six-episode series premieres TUESDAY, JUNE 23 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

The team pairings for “The Superstars” will be Terrell Owens & Joanna Krupa; Jeff Kent & Ali Landry; Robert Horry & Estella Warren: Bode Miller & Paige Hemmis; Kristi Leskinen & Maksim Chmerkovskiy; Lisa Leslie & Dan Cortese; Jennifer Capriati & David Charvet; and Brandi Chastain & Julio Iglesias, Jr.

Every week a team will be eliminated until one team is ultimately crowned the winner. Competitors’ athletic prowess and strategy will be put to the test to excel in events including swimming, biking, running and kayaking, in addition to other head-to-head athletic challenges everyone must try to conquer.

“The Superstars” past winners include football stars Herschel Walker in 1987 and Jason Sehorn in 1998, decathlete Dave Johnson in 1993 and Olympic skier Bode Miller (who makes his return this year) in 2002.


KRISTI LESKINEN — Kristi Leskinen has been sponsored by Oakley head-to-toe for over 8 years and is a well known X Games action sports athlete among the world’s top freeskiers, constantly pushing the limits of the sport. There was a lot of history made at the 2005 Winter X Games; some athletes were decorated, and others walked away bitterly sore. But in one event, Women’s Skiing Superpipe, the entire field was triumphant. It was the first year the event made its way into this marquee festival, and Leskinen was at the forefront. As a headliner, she shoulders the responsibility of women’s freeskiing in particular – which has moved out from under the shadow of more established action sports to receive the respect and exposure it deserves. At her first U.S. Open, Leskinen was the only woman doing the Big Air event and the only woman to take a run on the pipe. In 2004, little more than five years later, the U.S. Open hosted the largest women’s superpipe contest in the world, with 40 athletes vying for the championship. After 10 years of professional competition, Leskinen continues to dominate the podium and lives true to her motto, “Follow the fun.” This past March she hosted the first ever all-female ski and snowboard slopestyle event and rail jam, sponsored by Oakley, at her home resort of Seven Springs in Pennsylvania.


Liesl Holtz


June 23, 2009