Oakley innovations are tested along the entire journey from design concept to final product. From world-class athletes who endure the harshest environments to kids who challenge gravity and sanity, our inventions are put to the test by those who revel in product abuse. We test the limits of performance so you can test the limits of possibility.

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  • Testing taken to the Extreme

    early season ice

    Posted over 2 years ago by Mark Shelp

    Man, its boney out there. We’ve had more wind than snow and more core shots than face shots. Mammoth Mountain did a pretty amazing job opening the top for Thanksgiving weekend regardless, only to have record winds strip the mountain bare a few days later.

  • Snowbird and Alta host Fall 12 Tech Outerwear Testing Event

    tyler shred

    Posted over 2 years ago by Jessie Anderson

    Third round testing tech outerwear proved more challenging than ever with the lack of snow early season. When the testing deadline was set for our Fall 2012 tech outerwear, conditions looked grim.

  • Flak Jacket XLJs Save Little Leaguer's Eye

    Flak Jacket saves Eyes

    Posted almost 3 years ago by Chris Harris

    As he was going for the ball the ball took a bad hop and hit my son in the right eye. As soon as it hit him I heard the pop and immediately ran onto the field. When I got to him his nose was bleeding and of course I thought the worst

  • Don’t Cry for me Argentina but I had to leave you for Chile….

    Hiking the Volcano

    Posted about 3 years ago by Heather Call

    Bariloche or Las Lenas, Argentina? That was the question for the destination of the Fall 12 Oakley Field Testing team. Searching for the best snow conditions quickly turned into avoiding volcanic ash when the Puyehue volcano in Southern Chile decided to erupt. The final location of the testing trip was decided to take place at the Valley of Nevados, Chile. Nevados had the best snow conditions and was not affected by the volcanic ash. This was going to be a long journey for all, especially for me coming all the way from Alaska.

  • Oakley Women Test Spring 2012 Training Line

    TRX Class

    Posted about 3 years ago by Bessie McIntosh

    Oakley Women’s Spring 2012 Training line testing went down this June in Salt Lake City Utah. The setting: Muay Thai Gym of Utah , located in Sugarhouse. Our testers were a group of extremely driven, fit women. The week consisted of two strenuous training classes a day, testing the product during various training activities.