We make some pretty lofty claims about the impact protection chops of our eyewear, but don’t just take our word for it. Bloody Eye is where real people—from the active military to the novice mountain biker—share their true stories about how Oakley eyewear protected them from serious eye injury. Many of these stories contain graphic photos of peoples’ injuries. Which is awesome.

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  • Bloody Eye: Road Rash and Radar


    Posted over 3 years ago by Danny Evans

    South African cyclist Theo Blignaut “ate tar” and lived to tell about it.

  • Bloody Eye: Tucson Faceplant


    Posted over 3 years ago by Danny Evans

    Steve Bosse estimates he was traveling at about twenty-five miles per hour when he rode into a pothole that twisted his front wheel hard to the left and sent him tumbling over his handlebars. He landed on his face.

  • Shot In The Face


    Posted about 4 years ago by Danny Evans

    Sgt. Tim Arthur credits his Oakley M Frame® sunglasses for minimizing the impact of a bullet that struck his left cheek while on patrol in Iraq

  • More Than Zero


    Posted over 4 years ago by Danny Evans

    Dan Weant credits his Oakley Zero™ sunglasses with saving his eyesight.

  • Watch Out For That Tree


    Posted over 4 years ago by Danny Evans

    Tree wins the battle, Anthony Breen and Oakley win the war.